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Matthew McConaughey’s collection of luxury cars

Matthew McConaughey

One of the most attractive appeals of the celebrity lifestyle is being able to afford and enjoy luxury cars. One of the stars that have a particular interest in fine automobiles is Matthew McConaughey. While he has talked about his love for fast driving, he also appears to be a fan of sensible, classic vehicles as well.

While Matthew McConaughey has no doubt owned and driven dozens of luxury cars throughout his career, there are a few that stick out. The following will take a look at some of those fantastic vehicles.

Lincoln MKX

The Lincoln MKX is a luxury SUV that’s perfectly sized for the celebrity family, and it makes sense that Matthew McConaughey would own one since he was a Lincoln brand ambassador. Rather than being overly flashy, this vehicle is more focused on convenience and comfort.

1981 Camaro Z28

This is an imposing classic car that Matthew McConaughey likes to flaunt on the weekends. This classic bookended the second generations of cars by Camaro and was affectionally known as a pony car. During its reign, this car was one of the best coupes on the market and is highly regarded by collectors.

1971 Corvette Convertible

The 1971 Corvette Convertible owned by Matthew McConaughey is a sight to behold. This classic car was one of the best in its era when it came to both performance and design quality. This car was the primogenitor of the Stingray’s second generation and is as aerodynamic as it is pretty to look at.

GMC Yukon XL

This is one of the star’s most spacious cars and is the one that has the most utility in day-to-day life as a father of 3. The luxury SUV has a large exterior and third-row seating, making it easy and safe to transport the family of Matthew McConaughey.

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