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Hi, and welcome to Bonanza Magazine, your new favourite destination for interesting articles that bring that little spark of enlightenment to your day. We are dedicated to providing factual and exciting content that keeps you and your friends coming back for more each and every day.

We know that the humdrum of everyday life and get dull fast, and sometimes all you need is a little spritz of light reading to remind you that today is like no other. When nothing else seems to be catching your interest, we hope that you can find motivation and purpose by reading one or two articles from our prolific writing staff and get some enjoyment out of them.

We like to cover all the little things and the big things at the same time. There’s more than meets the eye with just about everything in our society, and we seek to peel back curtains and give you a window into the fun and unusual quirks of our world.

The word ‘Bonanza’ loosely means a sudden event that increases good fortune and wealth. Our hope is that one way or another, the interesting content we publish can inspire you to have your own Bonanza in whatever aspect of life is most important to you.




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Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and the famous entrepreneur behind the electric vehicle brand Tesla and co-founder of PayPal. While he is...


Dr. Phil McGraw is probably the most famous TV psychologist and one of the most famous talk show hosts in general. On his show,...


There is no doubt at all that Google is a massive influence on today’s world, and not just on the internet. Google has made...


We are living through a truly unprecedented moment in human history. The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed the way that we live and work,...