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How Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi managed to leave a huge mark on the world and is considered one of the most inspiring leaders in history.

He is famously the leader of India’s movement for independence from British colonial rule. He is notable amongst revolutionary leaders for his use of non-violence, encouraging peaceful civil disobedience that has inspired many peaceful resistance movements around the world.

Many people have cited Mahatma Gandhi as a source of inspiration for them. He had a profound impact on the world and is even venerated a spiritual leader in some circles.

Born in 1869 in India, he grew up as a naturally rebellious child. At the age of 18 he went to England so he could participate in the study of law – something that was instrumental in helping his movement for independence in India.

Mahatma Gandhi stared his journey in civil disobedience against British colonial rule of India when he was throw off a train by a white person when he did not agree to move to the back of the train car. He later began to organise civil disobedience in South Africa to bet better rights for the countries Indian population.

When Mahatma Gandhi returned to India, he became a leader in the independence movement. He eventually created an atmosphere in which the British withdrew from the country and gave India its independence.

Despite his love of peace, Mahatma Gandhi was murdered with violence by an extremist Hindu who did not like his tolerance of Islamic people. He was killed with a pistol up close and it was a very brutal murder.

However, Mahatma Gandhi is since remembered as an icon for peaceful protest and shows that change can be achieved with violence. He is certainly an inspiring leader and one to look up to.

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