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Keanu Reeves and his passion for motorcycles

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the most elusive and ‘distant’ A-list celebrities out there. He is as famous for being humble and good-natured as he is for his on-screen roles in movies like The Matrix, Point Break, and more recently, John Wick.

While his personal life is still largely a mystery to most of his, we do know one thing about Keanu Reeves off-screen; his passion for motorcycles. This is a sincere passion for Keanu, and he has evens started his own motorcycle company, which many saw as a natural progression for him.

Unlike a lot of motorcycle riders, Keanu started later in his life at 22 (that’s still young, but most riders start out as teenagers). While filming in Germany, a woman on a movie set introduce Keanu to her Kawasaki motorcycle, and he instantly fell in love, riding it around the set when she wasn’t around. This prompted Keanu to purchase his own motorcycle when he got back to LA, and the rest is history.

Keanu explored his passion further by purchasing a mixture of motorcycle, being photographed on everything from cruisers to choppers. Keanu admits that he used to ride at dangerous speeds which got him into a few wipe-outs, and after a few injuries, he goes a little slower these days.

Keanu Reeves seems laser-focused on his passion for motorcycles, and who can blame him? He admits that he often hits the road on his motorcycle to get the anger out but is careful not to translate that into riding too fast.

It does not seem like Keanu is going to slow down with his motorcycles anytime soon. He has gone from strength to strength with his motorcycle company and shows no signs of pulling the brakes.

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