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Call Centre Outsourcing Philippines: Doubling Down

Call Centre Outsourcing Philippines: Doubling Down

We are living through a truly unprecedented moment in human history. The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed the way that we live and work, and now many businesses are seeking to quickly reduce operational costs in order to survive.

However, whilst the need to reduce costs is clear, consumer demand has not decreased; with many businesses currently finding that their existing customers are still engaging with the brand. This has meant that in the ‘new normal’ that we are currently living through, customer service has become a vital tool to the ongoing success of a company.

Maintaining that relationship with their clients not only helps to ensure that a business’s reputation remains intact, but they will also be able to continue to operate and make a profit. So how do you maintain customer service during the coronavirus outbreak? Many businesses are discovering that outsourcing their customer acquisition, management and retention requirements to call centres in the Philippines is helping to significantly reduce operational costs – without detracting from the high service levels that consumers are used to.

“There are many benefits to outsourcing call centre services to the Philippines, from quickly allowing you to scale demand up and down depending on incoming traffic, to being able to build bespoke, omni-channel solutions. Utilising the services of a contact centre not only helps you to improve the customer experience but also gives you access to customer acquisition services, which are important to grow your business,” says Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, an award-winning call centre the Philippines.

The COVID-19 lockdown might be affecting businesses across the country, but those who embrace this new normal and quickly work to combat the government’s social distancing measures will be the ones who are most successful.

“With consumer demand on the rise, outsourcing call centre services has never been more important. This simple change can help to reduce operational expenses, as well as significantly boost the efficiency of their customer service and enhance the overall customer experience, increasing profits in the process. The time to double down on call centre outsourcing to the Philippines is now,” says Ellspermann.

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