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5 noteworthy facts about Elon Musk

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and the famous entrepreneur behind the electric vehicle brand Tesla and co-founder of PayPal. While he is one of the most famous contemporary entrepreneurs in the world, there are some facts you probably don’t know about him.

He only spent 2 days at Stanford University before dropping out

After attending the University of Pennsylvania and getting two degrees there, Musk decided to travel to Stanford University to study physics. However, he dropped out of his classes after just 2 days to start his first company.

Robert Downey Jr somewhat based Tony Stark on Musk

While the character of Tony Stark was always a young tech entrepreneur, Musk was actor Robert Downey Jr’s main inspiration when playing the role. This is perhaps why the character of Iron Man was so beloved because it had some authenticity to it despite being based on a super-hero comic.

He owns a James Bond ‘submarine car.’

That’s right, the Lotus submarine car “Wet Nellie” made famous in the 1970s film The Spy Who Loved Me is now owned by Musk. In true Musk fashion, he has stated he wants to convert it so that it actually works underwater.

He tried to open an arcade as a teenager

When he was just 16, Musk and his brother tried to open their own arcade business. While they got pretty far in the planning stage, they were eventually not given permission to open because they were too young. Who knows, if Musk had been able to open the arcade, he might not have gone on to do all the thing she is famous for today.

He ran a nightclub in college

Well, it wasn’t a proper nightclub, but it attracted over 1000 patrons each night. He and his roommate decided to rent a property off-campus and pay rent by hosting parties there.

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