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Where Beyoncé and Jay Z like to holiday

Beyoncé and Jay Z
Beyoncé and Jay Z

Are you and your partner struggling on deciding your next holiday destination? Why not get some inspiration from one of the top celebrity couples; Beyoncé and Jay Z?

There’s two have been the quintessential Hollywood power couple for quite some time, and largely have no shown any of the drama that other star couples go through. Instead, they simply enjoy life together and share a few updates about their adventures with both their fanbases.

Check out the following top holiday destinations of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Dominican Republic

The high season in the Dominican Republic is between December and February, which is when Beyoncé and Jay Z like to travel there. There’s nothing like enjoying wine and a cigar on the perfect sandy white beaches.


Beyoncé and Jay Z, perhaps unsurprisingly, love art, history, and culture. One of the best holiday destinations to experience all these things in Paris, France. However, they may have had an easier time than most getting an exclusive viewing of famous artworks like the Mona Lisa.

They don’t just hang around the main city either, the Carters also sun-baked in beautiful St. Barths, an island off the southern coast of France. It’s a great destination to go scuba diving or even make sandcastles.


Italy is a beautiful country that the celebrity couple visited. They even famously crashed a few weddings, which is something you probably can only get away with if you’re Beyoncé and Jay Z!


Iceland is another interesting holiday destination of Beyoncé and Jay Z, seeing them wrapped up in unusually dense clothing to survive the cold weather. However, they still ended up showing skin when they visited the hot springs for a swim.

Hopefully you’ve found a great holiday destination above.

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Are you and your partner struggling on deciding your next holiday destination? Why not get some inspiration from one of the top celebrity couples;...


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