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Enhance Your Brand with Custom Stubby Holders from Print Promotion

Custom Stubby Holders

Finding unique and effective ways to promote your brand can be challenging. However, Print Promotion offers a solution that not only elevates your brand but also delivers a practical and appreciated gift to your clients and employees. Custom Stubby Holders are not just a promotional item; they’re a memorable, useful accessory that recipients are likely to use repeatedly, ensuring your brand remains in their hands and minds for a long time.

Australian Made and Personalized for Your Brand

Print Promotion, specializing in premium quality promotional goods since 2009, proudly offers Australian Made custom stubby holders. These personalized stubby holders are designed to meet your promotional needs, whether for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, or business branding. With the option to design and buy your stubby holder online, Print Promotion makes it easy to add that personal touch that sets your brand apart.

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Stubby Holders from Print Promotion

Design Services Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that every brand has unique design requirements, Print Promotion offers a range of design services to ensure your custom stubby holders perfectly reflect your brand’s identity. Here’s a brief overview of their design services:

  • Option 1: You Supply Artwork – Print Ready (+ $0): If you have artwork ready that meets the specified requirements, there’s no additional charge. For those using Canva, Print Promotion provides helpful templates and information to ensure your design is print-ready.
  • Option 2: You Supply Artwork – Not Print Ready (+ $36): If your artwork doesn’t meet the requirements, Print Promotion can convert your artwork for a minimum charge, ensuring it’s ready for printing.
  • Option 3: Design Service – Simple (+ $55): This service includes basic layout and background, placement of logos, or text details, with two design changes included. It’s ideal for straightforward designs that require professional touch-ups.
  • Option 4: Design Service – Advanced (+ $88): For more detailed graphics and images, this option offers advanced design services, including up to 1 hour of design work and two design changes.
  • Option 5: Design Service – Complex (+ $132): For the most intricate designs, this service includes high detailed graphics and images, with 1-2 hours of design work and two design changes included.

Custom Stubby Holders from Print Promotion

A Wide Range of Applications

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, promoting your business, or commemorating an event, custom stubby holders serve as a versatile promotional tool. Print Promotion offers designs for various themes, including:

  • Birthday Stubby Coolers
  • Business Stubby Coolers
  • Fishing Trip Stubby Coolers
  • Memorial Stubby Coolers
  • Wedding Stubby Coolers

Each category offers options for simple, advanced, and complex designs, ensuring there’s a perfect stubby holder for every occasion.

Why Choose Print Promotion?

With years of experience and a dedication to quality, Print Promotion stands out as a leader in promotional goods. Their in-house design and pre-press services are managed by qualified graphic designers with marketing experience, ensuring your promotional items not only look great but effectively convey your brand’s message. They pride themselves on repeat business from clients, a testament to their commitment to meeting expectations and promoting the right image for your business.

Enhance your brand’s visibility and leave a lasting impression with custom stubby holders from Print Promotion. Their personalized service, coupled with an extensive range of design options, ensures that your promotional goods stand out. Call them today to discuss how their professional design services can elevate your promotional strategy.

Remember, with Print Promotion, you’re not just giving away a product; you’re creating a connection.


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