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Does Jennifer Aniston have the nicest home in Hollywood?

Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity homes can be hard to rank since when money isn’t an issue, the spectrum of extravagance can vary dramatically. But just because a property has a high price tag doesn’t make it the best, and not every celebrity has an eye for design.

However, Jennifer Aniston (star of hit TV show Friends, and many films since), is one of those celebrities who would have made a great professional home designer if she hadn’t pursued acting. Just one look at both the exterior and interior of her Hollywood home will leave you breathless.

Despite initially not liking the interior design of the home, Jennifer still purchased the property and was eager to add her own personal touch to the space. She knew that she felt a connection with the property, and it was ideally located on a large property that gave her privacy from the prying media.

She did not work alone, however, and she hired an interior designer to help her with the redesign of the home. She wanted to find a balance between aesthetic quality and comfort – she wanted a space that would be amazing for guests but would still allow her to feel like the space was uniquely hers.

Jennifer proves to be great at collaborating with experienced professionals to get the look she desired. She was not afraid to give her opinion and ultimately did not agree to any changes that she did not personally love.

The flow from room to room was something that Jennifer was very focused on in the interior design of her Hollywood dream house. She wanted every room to be an experience that would make her feel really happy to be there every day.

Does Jennifer Aniston have the nicest home in Hollywood? You decide!

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