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Why the Harry Potter series made so much money

Harry Potter

Have you ever wondered why the Harry Potter series made so much money? It’s really interesting and incredible to read about why this series made so much money, so let’s look at it now.

1.   It’s a fantasy for kids

Obviously, Harry Potter is a series that is really fun for kids to read about because it gives them characters, they can relate to. Since the series is set in a high school, it can mirror the real lives of the target audience while also having a fantastical element that is appealing. This creates the perfect mix between reality and fantasy that kids absolutely love.

Hogwarts is a place the real kids can imagine themselves going to because it is like the school they attend in real life with classes as strict teachers. Adding the fantastical element is what makes it worth enjoying for so many people. Even older adults can be related to the experience of school-age children when they experience the Harry Potter series for themselves.

2.   It has fun special effects

The Harry Potter movies are known for having excellent special effects that are necessary to bring the magic to life on screen for the audience. Naturally, these special effects have a visual appeal and spectacle that makes them fun for people toe experience. How incredible.

People love to see magic things flying around because they have lots of colours and are entertaining. People love to see magical beasts and other things that don’t really exist in the real world that they have to live in day after day.

3.   It’s for all ages

Harry Potter is popular because people of all ages can find enjoyment in it. While nominally for children, adults get just as much from the series.

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