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Reasons to use an AirBnB in Adelaide while you are travelling

Reasons to use an AirBnB in Adelaide while you are travelling

AirBnB in Adelaide has been a recently new phenomenon; however it has presented the world with a new type of accommodation while travelling.

Gone are the days of having to find a cheap hotel or motel for short stays in areas when you are travelling, and now begins the new age of AirBnB in Adelaide. AirBnB in Adelaide allows you to find properties in the area where you are travelling that you can live in for a short time. These properties range in price and you can find one based on your preferences for price, size, number of rooms and location. This is very convenient for many people, as it can often be more expensive to find accommodation in hotels and motels, and often you do not want to spend a lot of money for somewhere that you will only be staying in for a short time. For these reasons, AirBnB in Adelaide is incredibly convenient for backpackers and short term travellers. Furthermore, it has allowed people who own properties to rent them out in a very accessible and easy way. There are many people out there who own properties and do not want to go through a real estate agent due to costs and the process that comes with it. Thereby, AirBnB in Adelaide offers a good alternative which makes it very easy to manage and rent out properties to tenants.

It is obvious to see why AirBnB in Adelaide has blown up in popularity in recent years.

Here are some reasons to use an AirBnB in Adelaide while you are travelling.

You get to have a local experience

Red wine being poured into a glass in an Airbnb in Adelaide

When staying in an AirBnB in Adelaide, you may be in an area that is a local neighbourhood rather than just the city centre. This allows you to experience the different side of the area you are in, and you can truly have a local experience rather than just a tourist experience. You will be able to eat food where the locals eat, shop where the locals shop and of course, meet the locals. This can give a good perspective of life in that area away from the tourist perspective that is fed to the many tourists. There is no reason to be paying more for a fancy hotel experience in the city centre and a tour, when you can get an AirBnB in Adelaide and be in a local neighbourhood which gives a better impression of how the area is in everyday life.

It can be relatively cheap

An AirBnB in Adelaide can be relatively cheap, if you choose preferences inside of your budget. In general, the cost of an AirBnB in Adelaide is cheaper than that of a hotel, but maybe not as cheap as a small motel. Regardless, for what you pay, you are getting a good amount back. Properties on AirBnB in Adelaide are usually quite nice, and the price you pay will usually reflect what you are getting in return. Furthermore, if you plan on staying longer, long term discounts are applied and you can end up with a very competitive price in comparison to renting long term outside of AirBnB in Adelaide. Many hosts will often provide special offers for their guests, especially long term guests.

What is something unique to AirBnB in Adelaide is that you can likely negotiate the price. In a hotel or a motel, it is very unlikely that you will be able to negotiate the price at all; however considering the properties in AirBnB in Adelaide are run by the actual owner, it is much more personable and thus you may be able to negotiate a discount on the price for your stay.

It is very flexible

AirBnB in Adelaide is quite flexible, and you are able to select and filter results based on preferences you provide. You could be looking for a private room, a villa, a shared room, apartment, bungalow, townhouse or chalet; you will be able to find it on AirBnB in Adelaide. You are also able to filter the results based on preferences such as staying with local or other travellers, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, self check-in and private or shared amenities.

You are now able to tour the property through AirBnB in Adelaide, with dozens of photos being provided in order to do so. This can give you a more rounded view of the property and can help determine properly if it is right for you.

You are able to inspect every part of the property without having to actually go there (which can be hard to do if it is in another country!).

Stay in unique places and locations

Two kids are filled with awe at the amazing places they can see with an Airbnb in Adelaide

AirBnB in Adelaide allows property owners to host their properties to prospective tenants, and as a result, it would be beneficial to them to make their property look as attractive as possible. Because of this, you can find many unique and cool looking properties on AirBnB in Adelaide. It allows the property owner to turn their space into a work of art, and you can see this for yourself, with many properties purposefully designed to catch the eye as much as possible. Many of them will be designed with unique designs which reflect the geographic location they are in, and you will be able to see what different interior designs there are in different parts of the world. There are even properties which have been verified for their high quality design, which can tell you which property is worth the price and which ones look great.

However, these are usually more expensive than other properties due to this.

It is safe

AirBnB in Adelaide is very safe, and millions of people have used their services and properties for their stay. You are able to see which property owners have positive reviews, and it is best to book with these ones in order to have the best possible experience. AirBnB in Adelaide cares for their customers, and will ensure their customers are safe. If anything goes wrong, they often will take the financial hit instead of the customer, or the host will refund the money. This level of quality assurance is great in a company, and you are sure to be safe in one of these properties.


In summary, AirBnB in Adelaide has many benefits that come with, including the fact you get local experience due to the locations of the properties being unique, it is relatively cheap in comparison to hotels and motels, it is very flexible as you can adjust your preferences to what you want exactly, you will be able to stay in unique properties and locations which aim to please the customer and it is very safe to use, with millions of satisfied travelling customers and the ability to check reviews of a property owner before purchasing your stay.

All in all it is well worth a look for your next travel trip, and is suitable for any type of person travelling, regardless of financial background.

The only way you can know all this for sure is to try it out for yourself, so why not give it a go next time you are heading out on a trip?

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Zara is an avid world traveller and foodie who has a broad range of experiences that influence her writing. Having experienced many different cultures, Zara is well-placed to speak on a full range of lifestyle topics.



AirBnB in Adelaide has been a recently new phenomenon; however it has presented the world with a new type of accommodation while travelling. Gone...


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