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How to Start a Youtube Channel to Earn Money in 2020

youtube channel

If you want to make money from google in Doller and searching for some online earning source then you came to the right place. In this post, I will explain how you use youtube to earn money.

Day to day peoples prefers video content as compared to text content and the userbase of youtube increase. If you want to make a good income from online then the best platform is youtube.

Before jumping into the strategy to make money from youtube you need to know how to create and setup youtube channels.

Steps to Create a Youtube Channel –


Create a Google Account


Now open youtube and log in using your existing account, if you don’t have an account then create first then login.


Then click on the right top profile icon then you get an option to create a channel.


Now Create Your channel and set up your image like a pro channel.

Now you understand how to set up a youtube channel using google account. If you have any doubt about how to create a youtube channel then comment below I will give the reply.

Now we discuss some strategies to grow faster on youtube. If you want to get success on youtube faster then follow the steps i explain.

First, select a Proper niche where you have the expertise, I mean you have a good knowledge regarding that. If you choose a good niche then you grow faster on youtube because you upload quality videos.

The second is you upload quality videos where you explain the topics clearly. If you do these two steps then I give you a guarantee no one can stop you to make money faster.

Before jumping into earning you need to know the requirement to monetize your network. If your channel gain 10,000 hour watch time and 1000 subscribers in 365 days then you are eligible for monetization.

Now you think am I only monetize my videos using Adsense don’t worry there are so many options are available to monetize a video.

monetize your videos

You can monetize your youtube videos using the following ways –


If you complete the minimum requirement of youtube then I suggest you monetize your videos via AdSense.

2.Affiliate Marketing

If you choose a specific niche then you earn 10 times more than Adsense because you all viewers are targeted and they need that kind of products.

As a example if you give hosting reviews then users come to your video to watch best hosting for him. Now you explain abot that hosting and give you affiliate link in the description.

In this method you earn by adsense as well affiliate marketing.

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