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What makes Apple products so successful?

What makes Apple products so successful

Why are Apple products so popular and successful? Everyone seems to know a person who owns an iPhone or some other type of Apple device. How come so many people own these pieces of technology and love them so much?

The main selling point of Apple products for a long time has been the fact they are a curated experience that is supposed to be more user friendly than the competitors. Unlike other brands which have more functional utility in what they can do, Apple products are focused on selling a lifestyle to consumers and their products are more of a fashion statement than anything else.

This is why Apple products are more associated with having a clean and uniform user interface that is supposed to look pretty while people use it. This is in contrast to competitor products who can look equally as pretty but allow for customisation that the majority of Apple users don’t want.

Apple products are appealing to people because they are a curated experience that takes freedom of function away from people who don’t value that. Apple products are awesome for selling the fantasy of being creative and social via their slick advertising.

Apple products have this clean, stark white appeal that makes a lot of people say they feel like they are from the future. As mentioned, these items are more like a fashion statement, in no small part due to the high price people pay for them.

As you can see, Apple products like the iPhone or Macbook are successful, not due to their technological utility but because they are cleverly marketed to people. This is why competitors can be successful in selling cheaper products that have more utility but lack the cosmetic appeal of Apple products.

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