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Sydney Based Personal Trainer Tim Dewhurst Reveals How to Find and Keep the Best Workout Buddy

Personal Trainer Tim Dewhurst

Keeping a steady and consistent workout schedule can be tricky when a lack of motivation starts to seep into the mind, and a continuous physical challenge becomes hard to maintain. With the hustle and bustle demanded from everyday life, it is easy to see why so many fitness journeys are short-lived. However, a swolemate, or workout buddy, is a fantastic solution to staying true to wellness goals. Tim Dewhurst, a Sydney, Australia, based personal trainer, provides a breakdown of the benefits of having a workout buddy and how to find and keep a forever swolemate.

What is a workout buddy?

A workout buddy is a person who helps another stay accountable and motivated toward common fitness and health objectives. A trendy term for a workout buddy is a swolemate because both individuals work towards the same goals. Such a partnership should support a balance of inspiration.

Why does a workout buddy work?

Having a consistent partner to exercise with can make all the difference when trying to stick to a regular workout routine. The ongoing support and encouragement to not give up on reaching similar fitness goals can help people finally be able to commit to a healthy lifestyle rather than falling off track enough to call it quits altogether. A workout buddy adds a positive effect to time in the gym, making an exercise session more fun. In addition to boosting motivation levels, they can also help increase the intensity of workouts, equating to reaching fitness goals faster.

How do you find and keep the perfect workout buddy?

As previously stated, a workout buddy is more than a familiar face at the gym. It is another individual with similar fitness and health goals that also align in schedule and level of commitment. The quickest way for this partnership to end is to match with the wrong person. If one person is more committed than another, the motivational balance becomes offset, and the fun a workout buddy can bring to a gym session is replaced with the feeling of always being coached. A swolemate should spark positive and uplifting feelings surrounding a personal fitness experience, and such a feeling should run both ways. The relationship should be cheerleader cheering cheerleader rather than coach coaching player.

Successful workout buddies start on the same fitness level, mentally and physically, and progress together towards similar goals that are clearly understood. Other qualities that contribute to long-lasting workout partnerships are pairs who share honesty and reliability. They learn how to push one another and know each other’s limits. Finding a swolemate can seem intimidating. Many view fitness goals as more private or personal information, so starting the search with friends and family is a great avenue.

For those who enjoy a more independent workout routine, there is still an answer to finding the perfect workout buddy. A swolemate does not have to be human, according to Women’s Health magazine. In fact, a workout partner can walk on four legs! Dogs are excellent motivators to get anyone up and moving; they rely on exercise, which brews a higher responsibility of care, creating motivation to get moving.

About Tim Dewhurst

Tim Dewhurst is a personal trainer based out of Sydney, Australia. He is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals and maintain healthy lifestyles. Tim works with all fitness levels and has helped numerous individuals reignite their motivation to work out. He specializes in strength and cardio training, marathon training, and stretching to improve strength and mobility. Tim Dewhurst wants to help every client create a realistic and sustainable regimen that meets each individual’s unique needs.

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